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The Next-Generation PMO Is Coming After Your Portfolio

There is no aspect of business that is not heading toward its next big evolution. PMOs particularly seemed poised to transform into more robust entities that mean more for the business. In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Lindsay Scott shares the ideas of PMI’s Andy Jordan on how the next generation of PMOs will be different.


Right now, you might group PMOs according to whether they function in strategic, departmental, specialized, or support capacities. Regardless of function, Jordan believes portfolio management will be at the core of all future PMOs. In fact, PMOs might become the nexus for all portfolio management. In several cases, this would be a welcome upgrade, because many organizations treat portfolio management as if it is just something that emerges amid other processes. Portfolios inadvertently get executed without actually being managed.

PMOs can champion and control real portfolio management. Along with this, they will delve deeper into change management, financial management, and enterprise resource management. And about enterprise resource management, Scott says this:

This is about the PMO working closer with Procurement and HR – not just in planning for resources in the future ahead but also in the impact of new projects which in turn produce new products to market. Is the organisation ready to launch a new product – do they have enough sales people? Is there enough people in marketing available to work on it? When the PMO is the portfolio management hub they see everything from idea, to planning, to execution and delivery. They, more than anyone else in the business, can see the launch date of product X one month and product Y a month later.

In the future, a network of PMOs with unique functions will exist in the business, but portfolio management will still be at the heart of it all. And at the center of the network, a “strategic PMO” will provide planning, execution, control, and value. As a result, increases will occur in areas such as team empowerment, accountability, and departmental integration.

For detailed breakdowns of the actions and benefits that strategic PMOs will bring, you can view the original post here:

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