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How to Connect Business Strategy with Project Management

The PMO is the bridge between worlds, and its input should be valued by senior management during strategic planning. Involving the PMO in strategic discussion is the most direct way to ensure strategy and project management link. In an article for CIO.com, Moira Alexander discusses how some organizations are achieving alignment.

For NYU Langone Medical Center and NYU IT, there are two components to linking strategy and projects. The first is institutional IT strategy, meaning, “The business strategy is translated into a pragmatic technology strategy where the sequencing of technology programs are carefully laid paying special attention to both the functional dependencies and technology dependencies.” And the second is tight portfolio and project governance processes.

Whenever strategy is set at the top, it is important that the message drills down to the lowest levels. When everyone at every level understands the strategy, it will be easier for individuals to understand how their work factors into overall success. When people do not know why they are working, or when people work in silos toward frivolous goals, strategy will suffer for it. Such scenarios can be prevented when management and the PMO work closely together.

For additional thoughts, you can view the original article here: http://www.cio.com/article/3193752/project-management/how-to-connect-business-strategy-with-project-management.html

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