Agile PMO

Introducing Agile Flavor to the PMO

A PMO that exists purely to implement structure for the sake of structure is going to get in people’s way, and it is that sort of PMO that gives great PMOs a bad name. In an article for CIO magazine, Michael Dougherty discusses how he has implemented aspects of agile …

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Becoming an Enabling PMO

In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Lindsay Scott reflects on a PMI Virtual Conference session about the path to becoming a “strategic and agile project portfolio management office.” What this really alludes to is how we can create PMOs that are enablers amidst constant change. Scott says that …

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What Is an Agile PMO?

Marrying a really rigid taskmaster of a PMO with agile teams is never going to work. Fortunately, a PMO does not have to be an unending series of toll gates and turnstiles in order to be effective. In a post at Managed Agile, Chuck Cobb describes how the PMO and …

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Ending the Agile/PMO Tug of War

The project management office (PMO) is the bastion of best practices, governance, and structure. Meanwhile, agile wants to eye up a problem, address it immediately, and move on to the next task. Should these two things really be at odds? Dave West writes for SD Times about how, with some …

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