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5 Actions for a PMO to Add Quick Value

To convince people that your PMO will not be just another bureaucratic wall to progress in the organization, you should target quick wins early in the PMO’s life. A post at PM Majik touches upon five basic actions you can take to yield some value from the PMO right away: …

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People Are Not Resistant to Change

No, seriously, they aren’t. Don’t believe me? Know anyone that has gotten married, had kids, changed jobs, tried a new hairstyle, remodeled their kitchen, bought new clothes, read a new book, taken a class, rearranged their furniture in their house, or any of millions of other large or small changes? …

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What Is a Project Management Office?

The odds are more than good that you know the answer to the above question already, but you probably know a lot of people who are not as clear on what a PMO is. For those people, you might want to refer them to Jen A. Miller’s primer on the …

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Why You Must Track Project Outcomes

Project outcomes are the terrific results that will be yielded from the completion of a project. So it would be crazy not to track them in the PMO. A post at PM Majik provides us a quick reminder of that, along with some additional thoughts. Notably, project outcomes should be …

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