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Strategic Alignment

PMO as Air Traffic Controller

In a post for PM Hut, Diane Eskander briefly reflects on the nature of PMOs and how to know if an organization needs one. She says to think of PMOs as air traffic controllers. Busy airports require traffic controllers to keep coordination of planes safe and manageable. If a business …

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Why Do PMOs Exist?

Recently, I was a keynote speaker at the University of Maryland Project Management symposium, and I spoke about my proven process for creating high-impact PMOs. I took a moment to get to know the audience at the beginning and asked them about what they believed the purpose was for the …

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PMOs Need to Embrace Big Data

As John McIntyre notes, it is strange that PMOs are so full of analysts yet not always eager to do analysis. Between software for project management, project portfolio management, customer relationship management, and myriad others, there are oodles of data sets PMOs could be examining closer to make better decisions. …

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