3 Tips to Think Bigger with Projects

Do not let stakeholders hog up all the imagination and strategic vision on projects. Get the PMO and project managers involved too in thinking bigger with projects. A post at Duration-Driven shares three quick tips to do just that. The first is to elevate the way you handle “standard” projects …

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How to Choose the Right Project Metrics

If your family speaks English and Mandarin, but your neighbors only speak English, you will want to talk in English to them. Using Mandarin would be an exercise in frustration—and yet PMOs take this approach to metrics when it comes to communicating with the business. In a post for Project …

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PMO as Air Traffic Controller

In a post for PM Hut, Diane Eskander briefly reflects on the nature of PMOs and how to know if an organization needs one. She says to think of PMOs as air traffic controllers. Busy airports require traffic controllers to keep coordination of planes safe and manageable. If a business …

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