Project Management Office

Key Tips For Building Your First PMO

Planning to create your first project management office? Well, don’t go it alone: this slide deck by David Lendry, PMP, provides a PMO implementation model, an overview of basic and advanced PMO services, how to implement using “waves”, common problems, and best practices. Lendry highlights how Y2K, an increased awareness of project management, and IT organizations as a whole brought the project management office into a more prominent place in the world. He then goes on to explain the value of the project management office and how to perform current state assessments (to determine where you are), and future state vision (to determine where you want to be, and how to get there). The presentation then goes into basic PMO services, such as consolidated reporting (how to combine all project statuses in one area with a project dashboard), methodology management (a consistent application of best practice processes and procedures), and competency enhancement among other services. Lendry then explains some advanced PMO services including training, choaching, and earned value management. The presentation, as a whole, is an outstanding way to refresh your understanding of what a Project Management Office can offer in terms of value, optimization, and organizational guidance.

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