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Project Management Offices Used to Full Extent Less Often

Computer Economics has offered up a concerning nugget of research about PMOs: Their use is declining, and the number of organizations making full use of PMOs is really declining. In general, the importance of a PMO as a best practice has fallen to a “middle” level, whereas it was deemed one of the most critical practices in the past. The research hypothesizes that this could be a result of businesses doubling down on agile. Why? Because agile development is typically seen as not playing well with traditional PMOs, though more ideas are arising all the time on how to marry the two.

The Computer Economics article offers up this remark on the continued importance of PMOs:

One of the advantages of having the PMO as a distinct group is that it provides focus. The PMO provides an environment where IT professionals who show promise as project managers are trained in the principles and techniques of project management. The PMO also selects project management tools such as project planning and scheduling systems so that they are available for rapid deployment when new projects are launched.

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