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How to Choose the Right Project Metrics

If your family speaks English and Mandarin, but your neighbors only speak English, you will want to talk in English to them. Using Mandarin would be an exercise in frustration—and yet PMOs take this approach to metrics when it comes to communicating with the business. In a post for Project Management Tips, Elizabeth Harrin shares some examples of how PMOs can select performance metrics that make sense to both the PMO and the business.

Metrics can be seen to serve upward of three primary purposes: demonstrate effectiveness, demonstrate maturity, and track things deemed important. For demonstrating effectiveness, you might consider “number of projects with status reports that are out of date.” For demonstrating maturity, a good example would include “number of projects originating outside of IT” if you want to show how well IT and/or project management are integrated into other areas of business. And for tracking important things, you might ask, “How many projects were fully resourced when they started?” in an instance where there are sourcing issues.

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