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When Dysfunctional PMOs Succeed

Surely, you have at one point or another witnessed a situation that made you think, “Well, that’s a train wreck waiting to happen,” but then everything just ends up… working out. How does that happen? More specifically, how do projects succeed with a broken PMO? A post at Duration-Driven hypothesizes a pretty straightforward answer–highly skilled and determined project team members. And this is likely the correct answer, too. A few aces who are willing to work extra hard to cover gaps and tie up loose ends can make a project succeed in spite of a solar system of incompetence revolving around them. Such work situations are unsustainable in the long term though. Eventually, the dysfunction of a poor PMO will collapse on top of all the projects it should be supporting, and the aces that were keeping you afloat will leave for greener pastures. Thus, if your PMO is held together by string right now, you had better fix it now before your best and brightest get tired of tripping all over that string.

You can view the original post here: http://duration-driven.com/when-dysfunctional-pmos-succeed/

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