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3 Tips to Think Bigger with Projects

Do not let stakeholders hog up all the imagination and strategic vision on projects. Get the PMO and project managers involved too in thinking bigger with projects. A post at Duration-Driven shares three quick tips to do just that.

The first is to elevate the way you handle “standard” projects in the business:

Most PMOs have a handful of repeating projects—software development, employee relocations, equipment design, etc.—that sometimes cause the team to go on auto pilot. Rather than applying the standard template to the next such project, step back and choose one thing improve upon. Make the enhancement of the target area its own objective, and see how much you can boost results. Choose a different area of focus during the next project and repeat the process.

Second, reexamine what aspects of work might be outsourced or insourced. It could be that a schedule is sped up dramatically at a negligible cost by outsourcing. Alternatively, it could also be that work is being outsourced as a matter of habit, when in actuality the business has since developed a strong capability in that area and could handle the work itself.

The final tip is to establish areas of expertise in the PMO. This basically means identifying the unique strengths of various individuals—and then encouraging those people to bolster their strengths even further. The ideal final result is that, for every skill and knowledge domain, there is at least one star player in the PMO.

You can view the original post here: http://duration-driven.com/project-management-trainingthink-big/

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