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What Can Good PR Do for Your PMO?

A little positive buzz can snowball. In the PMO, you should welcome opportunities to inundate the business in the avalanche of PMO success. A post at Duration-Driven highlights the benefits of keeping up good public relations for your PMO.

First and most importantly, stories of the PMO making a positive difference will generate the support from stakeholders that the PMO needs in order to sustain its existence. Likewise, it will make stakeholders more agreeable to provide the funding and buy-in that new projects need. At the least, these are the people who need to be hearing the good news.

If you are really good at spreading the buzz, you might be able to raise awareness of your PMO’s exceptional abilities even outside of the business, which will be useful to the business in situations where your business is bidding for contracts. It will also be good for attracting high-quality project managers who want to work in a reliable environment. Thus, if your PMO has the goods, flaunt it.

You can view the original post here: http://duration-driven.com/what-good-pr-can-do-for-your-pmo/

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