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How to Spot a Priority Project

Some projects inherently matter more than others to the business, though the reasoning may not always be obvious. In a post for Project Management Tips, Elizabeth Harrin identifies some of the ways to spot a priority project. For instance, projects that enable other business capabilities will likely take precedent. Even a network upgrade project—while perhaps dull—is important to business operations and should be treated as such.

Another way to know if a project is high-priority is if executives are giving it a lot of attention. If it matters to them, it has to matter to everyone else by default. This can work for good and for bad, sometimes simultaneously; for example, if your project is somewhat run-of-the-mill but your sponsor is very powerful, your project could inadvertently become a priority. Similarly, if a project is sucking up a lot of resources like asteroids entering the gravity of Jupiter, then that project is likely a priority too. There is no competing with projects like these, so the best you can do is plan around the drought of resources.

And simplest of all, sometimes the organization just maintains a listing of projects and their priorities. If your organization has one of these, then there will be little ambiguity at all about where a given project ranks.

You can view the original post here: http://pmtips.net/blog-new/spot-priority-project

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