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Tribe Mentality Is a Bad Look for the PMO

Too many people are just looking for an argument over the most trivial things. Even in the PMO, there are those who like to debate the merits of agile versus waterfall, scrum versus kanban, etc. etc. Yet as John McIntyre points out in a post at HotPMO!, there are no actual benefits to entrenching yourself in a tribe like this. The plain reality is that all these different methodologies have their time and place in good business.

To behave otherwise probably indicates insecurities about yourself and your abilities. Or alternatively, it may just signal that you are too fervent and strict an observer of a given approach. McIntyre encourages you to find the aspects of different approaches that work for your situation and to put them together—rigid rituals be darned. He further says that teams should share knowledge; there is no reason operational teams and project teams cannot learn from each other’s preferred techniques and delivery methods. Bringing together developers and operations is always a good thing.

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