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Don’t Go Overboard with PMO Reinvention

When it becomes blatantly obvious that the PMO is not living up to expectations, you should rightfully take efforts to set it back on track. But going too far to reinvent the PMO can leave it in just as poor a place as it started. A post at Duration-Driven highlights some things you should avoid during this reinvention period.

For instance, be gradual and focused with the scope of changes. If you try to change a little of everything simultaneously, it is just going to leave people confused, and no one will be standing on firm footing. Conversely, if you do not change much of anything, and the extent of reinvention mostly consists of saying “Things are gonna be different moving forward!”—that is not going to help either. Expressing the intent to improve is vastly different than actually taking the steps to improve.

Ultimately, pragmatism must pervade in how reinvention occurs. You must not be overly optimistic and think that everyone has finally “seen the light” this time. But you must also ensure that pessimism does not persist with staff either; they need to believe that the PMO is capable of more and will achieve it eventually. Take small but sensible steps forward.

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