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Is It Ever Right to Make the Wrong Decision?

Analysis paralysis marks the beginning of the end for many otherwise great projects. Every delayed decision, whether from a project team or an executive, becomes a bottleneck on project and PMO progress. As such, a post at PM Majik wonders if it is ever right to make wrong decisions for the sake of keeping work moving.

Right and Wrong

The answer, of course, is that it depends. The author presents two scenarios where a project team evaluates different technical solutions that might be used to complete a task. After analysis of those options has already been conducted, an additional technical solution that they had not previously seen is also brought up for discussion.

In the first of the two presented scenarios, the project team cannot make up its mind about which solution to choose, and when the new solution is brought up for consideration, the team decides to begin the evaluation process all over again for that solution. However, in the second scenario, the project team makes up its mind and receives stakeholder approval on a solution before learning about the potential other option. They decide not to investigate that option and continue forward with their selected solution. But as they get into working with their solution, they eventually realize that it just is not going to work.

Neither of these scenarios describes an ideal situation. The author has this to say about them:

Reading the above, the natural conclusion may be that Scenario 1 was the right choice, and this may be the case.  However, by choosing Scenario 2, the project team would have learned more about the requirements, gain an understanding of data structures, data flows, etc.  This information may reveal that the requirements are incorrect and none of the technical solutions would be correct.

If Scenario 1 had been chosen, this would have been found out a lot later in the project life-cycle causing even longer delays.  So making what was the wrong decision, scenario 2, actually benefited the project in the long run.

So in this hypothetical situation, maybe making the wrong decision was better than making no decision or a painfully delayed right decision, as far as time and expense goes. Food for thought!

You can view the original post here: https://www.pmmajik.com/when-making-the-wrong-project-decision-is-right/

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