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Six Components for Improving Business Performance

Great projects are the ones that are aligned with company strategy. But for these projects to be successful, the project teams themselves must be aligned too. As Rebecca Leitch notes in a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, more people with non-project management backgrounds are being brought into projects, and they need to receive sufficient training to be successful. She describes six components involved in assessing project team skills and providing training to fill in gaps:

  1. Current skill assessment
  2. Development of a competency map
  3. Configured program of training
  4. Long-term relationship with a training partner
  5. Quality provider
  6. Measurable effectiveness of the partner

Train with Purpose

You have to begin of course by baselining what it is that people know how to do. After that, the PMO should craft a competency map. This map standardizes a career path for people involved in projects, and it does so in a way that ensures they will all develop the skills that are most pressing to the business’s success. This means a lot of upfront planning will be demanded to provide the right training opportunities. Leitch suggests finding a business partner who can build those opportunities to learn for you, and that is the area to which her latter three points relate. But the decision to find a partner or not is ultimately up to you.

About a configured program, Leitch writes this:

The most effective training is tailored to specific needs and contextualised for team members. Training that is personalised to an organisation delivers more impactful results than generic versions. When instructors modify their presentation of material based on the students in the audience, it is much more effective. Inserting relevant and applicable examples into delivery of course material also resonates more with learners.

For additional thoughts, you can view the original post here:

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