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Don’t Let Perception Kill Your PMO

Things will not always go perfectly in the PMO or in a project. Yet most of the time, the things that go wrong will be more like bumps in the road than death-bringing potholes. What if important people do not see it that way though? Perception is important. If stakeholders convince themselves that a problem is a bigger deal than it really is, that can damage the credibility of the PMO. Thus, a post at PM Majik discusses how to manage perceptions so that they do not cause unnecessary damage to the PMO.

In the first place, be tuned in to the concerns that stakeholders have about projects; do not assume they are completely on board, even if they have a positive view of the PMO. Ask them if they have any apprehensions about projects and, if so, where they lie.

If someone starts making incorrect claims and blowing a situation out of proportion, resist an urge to get defensive. There is no need to get emotional at someone else’s misunderstanding. Instead, try to understand their position as best as you can, and then restate the actual truth of the matter in a way that ideally refutes their incorrect position. Along the way, you might realize that this person actually is making some valid points—maybe you did overlook something here or there. If so, owe up to it and keep talking toward a solution. Honesty is the only way to maintain credibility, and a focus toward solutions is the right way to build and maintain stakeholder support.

For additional thoughts, you can view the original post here: https://www.pmmajik.com/stop-perception-killing-project-pmo/

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