Agile PMO

Introducing Agile Flavor to the PMO

A PMO that exists purely to implement structure for the sake of structure is going to get in people’s way, and it is that sort of PMO that gives great PMOs a bad name. In an article for CIO magazine, Michael Dougherty discusses how he has implemented aspects of agile in the PMOs he runs in order to better enable project success.

He uses the Agile Manifesto as his starting point, making the PMO a servant leader organization. He emphasizes education opportunities, exploring new ways to deliver solutions, and offering “clear parameters to balance consistency with creativity.” Of particular value is how Dougherty recommends considering each element of a PMO in the light of automation and DevOps. He refers to this as the “PMO infinity chain,” and he applies it in a practical way to project reporting and automating executive summaries.

For a full explanation of how he accomplishes these things, you can view the original article here:

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