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PMO Operations Automates the Mess for Less

Executing projects cleanly is an important aspect of maintaining a PMO, in that it is the most visible part, but there is a lot more under the hood of the PMO than that. And it all deserves a regular tune-up. In a post for Project Management for Today, Karl Hallgrimsson discusses the operations aspect of PMOs and why it is so important to project health.

Fully Operational

Hallgrimsson describes PMO operations in this way:

PMO operations is like the office of automation and work avoidance. Within PMO Operations we make sure that the entire PMO process is as “Push Button” or as automated as possible. In this role, we look for manual processes and we extinguish them. Simply put, we either adopt the benefits of our manual processes into our automated processes or we eliminate manual processes that add zero value. The PMO Operations team makes life a lot easier for the rest of the PMO.

By association, operations also aggregates relevant data on things like project budgets, status, and time frames in the pursuit of identifying more automation opportunities. And Hallgrimsson insists that automation does not always have to be expensive. Rather, macros can be used to great effect in Office 365, such as across Excel and Access. To build and make the best use of such macros requires skilled workers though, so it is important to invest dollars in locating and keeping the best staff on hand.

Hiring less-skilled workers for lower pay and intending to upskill them later runs the risk of filling PMO operations with just too many people. In fact, Hallgrimsson thinks having only one or two people to automate processes is probably good enough. But one of them should be especially experienced with organizational change management, so that he or she goes through the right processes for implementing change and automation.

For additional thoughts on operations, you can view the original post here:

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