Building the PMO

5 Actions for a PMO to Add Quick Value

To convince people that your PMO will not be just another bureaucratic wall to progress in the organization, you should target quick wins early in the PMO’s life. A post at PM Majik touches upon five basic actions you can take to yield some value from the PMO right away:

  1. Make a central register of all ongoing projects, which currently likely does not exist. Include major details of every project, like budget, expected start and end dates, manager, sponsor, project description, etc.
  2. Build a standard project reporting process that can be easily digested by stakeholders, and make use of a red/amber/green (RAG) system of tracking how well things are going.
  3. Define standards for what RAG levels are to reduce ambiguity in reporting and interpreting.
  4. Build a central contact list for who should be contacted for items regarding specific projects.
  5. Maintain an easily accessed schedule for steering committee and governance meetings.

For further elaboration on these actions, you can view the full post here:

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