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Don’t Do These Four Things at a Project Open House

Conducting an open house for a newly successful project is a great way for the PMO to broadcast how well things are going. But there are some little things you should remember to avoid while holding that open house. A post at Duration-Driven spells out four of them.

First of all, the open house should not be an opportunity to go Surprise! and shock users with a new product that they had no idea was coming; a blindside is never a good thing. Users should have been eased into the idea of a new product before the project was even completed.

Second, if there is a delay in the final completion of the project, then you should delay the open house too. Making people guess at what the final product will look is just silly. Likewise, keep the open house on site to maximize the number of people who can attend, and schedule it to occur in the early afternoon for that same reason. After all, nobody is going to drive to Denny’s at 4:30 p.m. to check out your project open house. (Well, nobody is going to drive to Denny’s regardless, but you get my meaning.)

You can view the original post here: http://duration-driven.com/4-open-house-no-nos/

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