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Rise of Technical Project Manager in Digital World

With the rise of digitization, project managers cannot attain success by limiting them to a specific skill. While excellent interpersonal skills and leadership quality impacts the overall project outcome. Additional empirical research and exposure to digital world would help in grab ongoing trends.

In this article at, Christian Bisson and his co-authors define the gradual shift in demand for technical project managers in the digital world. Highlighting the reason behind it, Bisson narrates how his decision of switching from web developer to technical project manager seven years ago has turned productive now.

Unraveling a New Horizon

The authors bring forward three main pillars of project management in digital arena.

Digital DemandDigitization encourages demand for technically sound project managers. To develop technically sound relationship with the clients, project managers need to establish better understanding about the whole ecosystem. No hope for the project managers who cannot deploy a site. They must know how to synchronize websites, mobile apps and other technical tools together.

Machine LearningFrom powerful search engines like Google or features using advance machine learning, the project managers need to procure sound knowledge of all technical evolutions to bring out best results. This will also enable them in bringing fresh and innovative ideas on table.

Clear CorrespondenceCommunication plays a vital role in bringing the best out of your team. To manage a project well, the project managers need to develop sound communication with the team. Moreover, with growing rage of digitization, they need to upgrade their technical knowledge to better communicate with tech-savvy clients. It will help in understanding what’s happening and deliver what’s expected from them.

As the IT industry matures, domain expertise is the key to become credible project manager. Specialization in managing digitally advance projects is critical and the authors in this article bring forth the ground reality of sharp rise in demand of technical project managers in current phase. Follow the link below to learn more:

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