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3 PMO Tips to Strengthen Customer Relationship

Customer relationship is a lifeline for your venture or project, and relationship is something money cannot buy. It is a process of finding people who are willing to invest faith and money in your product or service. But it is not as easy as it may sound. You need planning and execution to create strong customer relationship in the market, says the project management blog,

Project Success via Customers

Now, why is it necessary for a project manager to build or maintain customer relationship? Stakeholders are the big reason for it. They are keen to see how efficiently the PMO suffices the needs of its customers and brings success to the assigned project.

In this article, the author suggests three essences to help PMO build a strong customer relationship and success to the projects.

  1. Ensure that customer relationship play a pivotal part in your project improvement plan. The PMO should implement activities to improve customer relationship in all the projects, right from the beginning. The best way to do this is by conducting user surveys during the project and not just at the end. This will keep the customers and stakeholders well-informed about the project progress and would also bring better insight into project improvement.
  2. The PMO must ensure if the customer satisfaction was given prime consideration while analyzing the project’s progress towards the right direction. Not only will the user surveys help, it will also help the team to critically analyze all the activities performed to ensure project success at each stage. They must evaluate the outcome of these activities and what all additional steps they need to take to ensure success in future endeavors.
  3. At last, it is the role played by each team member that ensures successful closure of a project. Therefore, it is not just the role of a project manager or a few PMPs to maintain strong relationship with the customers. It is the duty of each member involved in the project to see if they are making every possible effort to improve customer experience. Project managers must clearly define the customer service points to their teams and make sure it reflects complete satisfaction of stakeholders and customers by the end of the project.
  4. If the PMO does not take customer satisfaction as priority, the team would see consequences of it in future. So, taking these simple tips in action would help in bringing positive outcomes for the project in the form of customers and stakeholder satisfaction. To read the original article, follow the link below:
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