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5 Steps to Make a Career in Project Management

Project management has become one of the most sought-after career choices. people often fail to do justice to the role. In this article at Strategy Execution, Lindsay Scott, Director of PMO Learning and Arras People, shares some key points to keep in mind while switching career.

Gaining a Foothold

Project management entails managing a task in an organized way with the help of able resources to achieve the project goals. Here is a list of steps a prospective project manager or an IT professional can take to make a career in project management:

  1. Learn the Fundamentals: In a bid to align with project management, understanding your role is pivotal. Instead of following preconceived notion about project management, try to understand the fundamentals of the job by grasping the importance of the role, processes, and tools. You can enroll in project management courses to develop or enhance the level of competency required for the role.
  2. Understand the Role Well: Often, people with limited experience want to step into the shoes of a project manager. However, you should have experience and understanding of the wider project management roles. This will make you ready to face future challenges.
  3. Challenge Your Potential: Your previous experience is a progressive approach to your new role in project management. If you have enough experience in finance, data management, planning and or strategy making, you may take up a PMO role easily. So, understanding the background and skillsets is important. Before getting into project management, do a thorough research on areas you are capable of, to make a difference.
  4. Ways to Gain Experience: Build your way to project management by exploring the existing opportunities in your workplace. Find out about the ongoing projects in the organization by networking with the staff and talking to the HR. Keep a watch over existing or upcoming opportunities. Make your line manager aware of your interest. Most importantly, start thinking in terms of delivery, cost, resources, and time.
  5. Strive to Learn: Network with experts in the field and gather knowledge from diverse sources to learn more. Keep challenging yourself with new skills and make better use of existing opportunities.

Scott has worked in project management recruitment for 16 years and has gained enormous knowledge about the role. She believes meeting new people and acquiring knowledge about new subjects help in developing a learned approach to career decision-making. If you want to read more about it, click the following link:

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