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How to Woo Contract Project Resources

Retaining and hiring contract resources are a complex set of procedures. The short-term resources are required to adhere to the agreed-upon terms as they charge big bucks for the assigned tasks.

In this article at PM Majik, the author explains ways to keep contract project resources intact as they play a major role in completing the project within budget and on-time delivery.

Fair Play

The majority of projects are temporary unlike the enduring operational roles. This statement explains why organizations opt to hire contract resources than permanent employees. They add contract resources as per the project needs.

Considering the short duration of contract resources in the organizations, often permanent senior staff can be seen ruling over contract resources. This practice is unfair towards the contract resources. Probably, this is a very strong reason many contract resources prefer not to renew their contract with the same organization.

If the organizations value their staff, they must also ensure an equally fair treatment to contract resources. After all, a project needs skilled resources to chase common goals by working together.

Conquering Challenges

Now, to overcome the challenge of bringing the contract and permanent employees together without offending either of them, the author suggests a set of actions to ensure fair play:

  1. Treat all the resources, temporary or permanent, equal in terms of respect and professional attributes.
  2. Extend equal attention to all resources and help them resolve emerging work challenges by constantly addressing their needs. Make it a thumb rule of the organization to treat each other equally, be it permanent or temporary employee.
  3. If you demand timely delivery of the project from your resources, pay them well on time too. Delaying the payment of contract resources will lead to differences between permanent and temporary employees.
  4. Sign-off the timesheet as quickly as the final project gets completed by the contract resources. Instead of withholding the sign-off process, address the project issues by conducting professional meetings with the contract resources.
  5. The project managers must also convey their holiday plans in advance to the contract resources as they have done it with their in-house teams. Also, they need to share the timesheets with the contract resources on priority. They must ensure seamless decision-making in their absence by authorizing someone efficient.
  6. Contract renewal also contributes majorly in wooing the temporary resources. Therefore, it is the duty of the project manager to plan the contract revival in advance. Keep the contract resources informed about the organization’s decision, be it in their favor or not.

To lead in the market, gaining success in maximum projects is essential. Retaining productive resources forever is essential to ensure project success. It is the fair treatment towards the contract resources that will ensure their loyalty towards your organization. Take small steps today to seal success for tomorrow and read the original viewpoint of the author by clicking the following link:


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