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Finding the Right Strategic Project Resource: 3 Ways

Good resources make a successful team that brings positive outcomes. Big organizations allow their project managers to select their team members as per their own judgment and experience. But the challenge here is to find the right resource in a fast expansion program that too in short span of time.

In this article at Strategy Execution, Elizabeth Harrin explains some effective ways to find the right resource for a strategic project. The first way to do that is to make the best use of your internal and existing resources.

Resource Allocation

This is one of the most complicated aspects of leading a high-profile project team. It is tough to remain on top of resource allocation. The big organizations are chained to hi-tech processes, techniques, and perspectives that complicate the process. Here are the three most effective ways to do it:

  1. In-House Resources: Utilizing internal resources for the crucial projects is the first and foremost step. The big organizations have enough resources who are keen to support strategic initiatives, especially if they have already worked on it. However, the problem is most of them not always hold the required skills needed for the project. You may find a list of loyal resources who are willing to acquire new skills. The author suggests making the most of these people by giving them opportunities to learn and grow.
  2. Contract Teams: Instead of investing in new staff, look for contract resources easily available for short-term assignments. You can easily get people at short notice with broader business background and adequate contract project handling experience. Contractors can be highly skilled and experienced, but at the same time expensive. They charge as per daily working hours besides with extra fee for overtime. The author suggests training the internal staff with the contractors by letting them work together.
  3. New Recruitment: Hiring permanent new staff with the required skillset could be challenging but a much fitting way. This step needs resource planning far in advance as finding the right candidate may take three to six months or more. It is essential to know the exact requirement in terms of skills for this step. Explain this to candidates and their future line managers and look for a way to test those skills in the recruitment process. Offer the job to someone who can make a real difference to the strategic project.

The author is certain that most of the big organizations use a mix of these three ways to staff-up their strategic projects. To read the original article, click on the following link:

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