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Forward Planning in Project Management: 5 Career Tips

The current economic climate is idyllic for project managers aiming to advance their career graph or planning to enter the field. Open avenue of opportunities is waiting for them, and there is vast room for advancement too. To grab these opportunities, the project managers need to have specific tools and techniques alongside a dedicated schedule to manage an ongoing project.

In this article at Project Manager, Stephanie Ray suggests that planning career goals now will bring the most lucrative opportunities to the project managers in the years to come.

Future Endeavors

According to a study by the Project Management Institute, ‘Project Management: Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017-2027, a drastic growth in the number of jobs is expected that may require project-oriented skills.’

Also, the report states that there is a great deal of attrition in the industry due to professionals retiring from the workplace. Moreover, there is regional growth expected in the fast-developing economies of the countries like China and India.

Those who will apply project management skills and talents in boosting their career and reaching high project management goals, they will soon reap its benefit. Here are a few ways to boost your career:

  1. Make a Career Plan: Start being strategic and have an end goal that covers your long, mid, and short-term goals. You can set an annual, five, and 10-years plan and schedule working back from each of those points. After identifying your goal, pen down all the steps you need to take in reaching that goal and set a deadline for achieving them. Place milestones to indicate the end and start of large phases. Do not forget to make short-term goals more specific than long-term. Your mid and long-term goals will help you schedule a more realistic timetable for the short-term goals.
  2. Network: Consider this as your survival key. To discover new horizons, networking will fuel your way. Join meetups and conferences in the industry and mingle with other managers and leaders. Broaden your horizons and be a part of diverse industries.
  3. Be a Thought Leader: Try and become a part of local groups or work in your organization to deliver a speech on your subject matter expertise. This does not mean to get on your soapbox and start to lecture the office. Instead, try to create your own personal brand to differentiate yourself from the crowd.
  4. Wear Multiple Hats: Being a project manager, you are mostly involved in multiple things like creating budgets, scheduling tasks, making presentations, and designing strategies. Look over the skills and responsibilities you have as a project manager and determine the areas lacking or need improvement. Try to mentor a less experienced project manager or look for a mentor for yourself to hone your skills and fill in the holes in your experience.
  5. Communicate Well: Communication is a broader brush that can color every aspect of your job as a project manager. If you follow the right communication directive, it will put you in the position of advancement. Since listening is an equally pivotal part of communication, be an active listener too.

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