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PMOs, Use Skill Gap Assessments to Find the Right PM

Skill gap assessments are a must in project management to understand and improve the knowledge of the project teams and leaders. The skill gaps can be easily filled through training and development. However, identifying them is a peculiar task.

In this article at Strategy Execution, Nadine Rochester brings out a list of ways for PMOs to assess the fundamental skills of project managers. Suitable alliance can help in fixing skill gaps while establishing synergy between the teams and project managers.

Basics of Assessment

Implementing the right process in PMO will not guarantee positive outcomes. The project managers need to have strong fundamental skills to lead the project.

Bringing Synergy

PMOs can evaluate the project manager’s skills while bringing them on-board or assigning them a new project. Follow the checklist below:

  1. Technical proficiency: It is the basic but pivotal requirement of the project manager to lead and design the process. Based on the quality of reports the project managers deliver, their efficiency of handling teams and projects will be judged. Their ability to tackle risks and outsource quality work will be an added benefit to the organization.
  2. Interpersonal skills: The project managers need to be interactive and soft spoken to manage the teams. The project team and stakeholder feedback can accurately help in scoring the interpersonal skills of project managers. PMO can assess the project managers on these lines:
  • How efficiently the project managers motivate their teams during tough circumstances?
  • How much they engage their stakeholders in major project decisions?
  • How do they ease communication with project contributors?
  • How efficiently do they communicate and align organizational goals and strategies to the teams?
  • Their quick thinking and adaptiveness to change
  1. Learn and reciprocate: The project manager must efficiently manage technical and interpersonal skills alongside learning new skills.
  2. Persistent mentoring: Training can bridge the gap for technical and other skills, but coaching can establish new skills among project managers and teams.

The PMO can fill the project manager’s skill gap with adequate learning programs or by recruiting the right candidate for the position. However, the author emphasizes on the previous method in a bid to improve employee development, while recruitment can fill immediate requirements. Follow the original article link below for elaborate details:

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