3 Steps to Resolve PMO Resource Management Issues

Resource management seems to be a constant issue of concern for the PMO in many organizations. The problem may stem merely due to lack of people management, resource allocation, timeliness, or the prioritization of resources to fill organization needs.

In this article at Projility, José Marroig explains the term ‘resource’ can be used to define multiple things like manpower, objects, software, or workplace essentials. Even though it definitely means assets like equipment, the term can be used to define the people and their skillsets.

Inadequacies Breed Uncertainty

With the availability of the required resource in each phase of a project, success becomes a cake walk. However, lack of right resource or failure in securing them may turn into a major disaster. There are many ways to ease resource management but there is no one-size-fits-all solution in managing skillsets. Here are some actions that can make resource governance easier and more effective:

  1. Devote a Manager: Dedicating a new resource manager may affect the budget of many, thereby, assign the task to a manager in the PMO who has strong organizational skills. Let him handle the current resources with unique skill sets.
  2. Implement Best Practices: It is essential to align organizational reports, metrics, and data collection techniques to best industrial practices. With close monitoring of data in hand, the PMO can credibly outline its abilities and weaknesses in the organization.
  3. Robust PPM Tools: Powerful yet reliable PPM tools like Microsoft Project Online may help in making resource management easy and upfront. PPM tools are helpful in visualizing present project status, highlighting bottlenecks, and illuminating pipelines.

The author suggests that there is no secret formula for resource management. What works well for one organization may not work for others. But with the help of keen management, improved processes, and intuitive PPM tools, streamlining a seamless procedure and optimizing skill sets will be easier. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.projility.com/constant-pmo-struggle-resource-management/

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