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Beware of These ‘Silent Killers’ at Your Organization

Companies often seek to reinvent their products, services, and business models in a rapidly changing world. However, ‘silent killers’ often appear. Though many organizations are aware of them, they prioritize operational output while the ‘killers’ stand at the backend. In this article at Software Testing News, Constance Drugeot explains how to eliminate the silent quality killers in your organizations.

Watch Out These Silent Killers

Innovation Failure

Experts believe that innovation is an absolute requirement and not a goal. Innovation is not just about new products but about rethinking the internal and external processes and procedures. What percentage of your sales is from products or services introduced in the past two years? If it is less than 20%, your company lacks innovation.

Lack of Robust Strategy

Many organizations lack robust strategies when it comes to software quality analysis (SQA). “Having a comprehensive SQA strategy that incorporates all your business units—from business to project management, development teams, and operations—is extremely important and a necessary first step,” explains Drugeot.

Poor Software Architecture

Software is the blood of your organization’s systems. When software becomes inefficient, employees waste time and effort on producing the best results. Poor software architecture can even make a good software solution suffer. On the other hand, well-built software helps in constructing an efficient system that is flexible and effective. Additionally, they enable the organic growth of the business.

Market Rush

Organizations often rush to bring new software into the market. However, they must focus on managing resource capacity and plan better to provide excellent customer services. Rushing an unfinished product to the market results in unforeseen production issues. This will undoubtedly stunt the business growth.

To read the original article, click on https://www.softwaretestingnews.co.uk/eliminating-the-silent-quality-killers-in-your-organisation/.

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