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Achieve IT-Business Alignment Through Governance

You cannot achieve IT-business alignment without matching your pace with the volatile market conditions. You must accordingly make changes to internal processes. However, implementing and understanding the impacts of these changes takes time. Once you reach that stage, there are more things to take care of. In this article at CIO Index, learn if IT-business alignment visibility is enough for IT governance.

IT-Business Alignment and Governance

You cannot rely on reactive implementation alone to speed up IT-business alignment because it will hurt your business. You need real-time and proactive measures to stay on top of things. Instead of having start and end dates for processes, you should have constant iterative upgrades for your IT governance system. Here are the steps you should utilize to achieve IT-business alignment through governance:

Steps to Follow

  • What are the business requirements that can improve through IT? Does your company need a robust platform to track things down? If you are acquiring a new company or a product, you need a tool to maintain transparency between stakeholders. Detect the needs based on which you will enhance your IT capabilities.
  • What are the factors that could help IT boost business? Create an IT vision by establishing policies that energize the collaboration between IT and business.
  • Analyze the status of your current IT-business alignment. IT should be in sync with business priorities on three levels—“investment, asset, and organization,” says the author.
  • Compare the existing state of your alignment with what you want to achieve based on the above-mentioned levels. You will then be able to bridge the gaps.
  • Prioritize the IT needs that would fast-track the alignment process. Some will need a larger budget, while others will be easier to implement.
  • Organize the implementation based on the priority list to avoid overshooting the budget or project timeline.
  • Keep updating the plan to bring visibility to your IT governance processes.
  • Track new demands in the industry while your IT-business alignment project is underway. Keep adding new requirements to your existing task list so that you do not fall behind.

You do not want to work on things that the industry does not need anymore. Discover the processes that are not in sync with the new industry standards and stop working on those any further.

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