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Here Are Some Suitable Behavioral Models for PMs

Behavioral models enable project managers (PMs) to get aligned responses from the people on their team. There are several frameworks to follow. But how can you prove you are on top of what is important to your stakeholders? This article for Management Study Guide contains some popular behavioral models to help project managers better analyze their project resources.

Behavioral Models for PMs

Maslow’s need hierarchy theory, Herzberg’s Hygiene theory, and McGregor’s theory X and theory Y are suitable options for project managers to adopt. Here are their descriptive details:

Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory

Maslow’s need hierarchy theory states that working professionals seek more than money or job security after reaching certain levels of satisfaction. Quantitative benefits matter less than qualitative job experience. Project managers must ensure that they are providing more than hefty pay hikes to their team members. People feel motivated when they are pushed to achieve their potential. Providing more challenging tasks could accomplish that for higher achievers and inspire others as well.

However, in recent years, this theory was refuted by practitioners. Per new studies, it is a combination of job satisfaction, pay package, etc., that keeps a working professional motivated. You must act per the demand.

Herzberg’s Theory of Hygiene

Well-ventilated office space and a good salary might not inspire people to work harder. However, if these are not present, motivation levels significantly drop. So, project managers must have regular checkpoints and an open-door policy to listen to employee concerns.

McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y

Theory X states that project managers must tell people what they must do and monitor their progress. Meanwhile, theory Y suggests that leaders must not order their crew but let the members decide the best route. It is one of the behavioral models that best describes how human nature can vary.

To prove you are on top of stakeholders’ interests, apply the theory that most suits your situation. However, do not forget to try out others and compare the results.

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