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Characteristics of a Good Project Manager

Project management is a core business function and often reflects the organizational culture. It requires coherent values, balanced emotional intelligence, and progressive methodologies. As one size does not fit all, the success definition and methodology may vary vastly among leaders. However, they tend to share many common traits and characteristics to be impactful leaders. This article by Jon Quigley & Steve Lauck at PM Tips describes the characteristics and skills of an ideal project manager. 

Qualities of an Exceptional Project Manager:

Being a Visionary

You should have the ability to see the big picture, identify the problem, and determine how to approach it. This along with the ability to grasp project objectives and scope and plan activities to achieve those objectives. 


A customer-centric project focuses on achieving the client’s idea of success. Although time, budget, and requirements might be factors, focusing on the client is more valuable and will improve their overall experience.


Integrity is a fundamental value, and without it, project managers can lose credibility and impact quickly, which can have a cascading effect on project success.

Best Leadership

Leadership is demonstrated through a leader’s decisions and actions. Taking ownership when the rubber meets the road is imperative for a project manager. The project manager should be an enabler with a clear vision and the ability to differentiate between obstacles and slackers to take the bull by horns.

Effective Communicator

Project managers must be highly effective communicators with proven persuasion skills and prowess. Integrating teams with diverse skills from different parts of the organization and being empathetic to their fears and ambitions is essential.

Affinity Towards Co-workers

An organization comprises people who carry their individual needs into their professional lives. Emotionally intelligent project leaders know this complexity and their ability to lead and manage the team. They build their strategy keeping the team’s strengths and weaknesses in mind.

Being Proficient

One of the best ways for leaders to gain insight into their business is through breakthrough conversations. Such conversations must happen naturally, which requires building an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their perspectives. 

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