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Why Every Project Leader Must Use a Management Dashboard

Every project leader has to manage several aspects that determine the overall success of a project. The successful execution of a project primarily relies on the decision-making skills of project leaders. In order to make efficient decisions, it is essential to analyze and evaluate project metrics and incorporate them into management operations. Project management dashboards play a crucial role in managing different aspects of a project and upscaling overall team performance. In one of her articles for, Hannah Donato talks about the project management dashboard and how you can incorporate it into your project.

Types of Project Dashboards Every Project Leader Must Know

Donato shares the following project dashboards that you must know:

  1. Strategic dashboard – It enables leadership to get a team performance overview with the help of project metrics.
  2. Operational dashboard – It is used to measure the efficacy of a team. For instance, a manufacturing company’s operational dashboard focuses on the number of products packaged in a given amount of time.
  3. Tactical dashboard – It is a combination of strategic and operational dashboards. Middle managers usually leverage it to understand which project components worked well or failed.
  4. Analytical dashboard – These dashboards are well-detailed and play a vital role in identifying modern business trends.

Attributes of an Efficient Project Dashboard

Here are some of the main features of project dashboards:

  1. Project dashboards allow effective integration among different project metrics.
  2. They help businesses amass a huge amount of data in less time that can be understood easily.
  3. Several dashboards, such as operational and tactical, help companies process real-time information. It allows enterprises to produce a better understanding of market trends and project progress.
  4. They allow project leaders to align varying parts of the project together.
  5. A project management dashboard makes it easy to share and analyze information.
  6. Project dashboards optimize the overall productivity of your business operations.

Questions a Project Leader Must Ask

Here is a list of questions every project leader must ask before incorporating a project management dashboard:

  1. How a project management dashboard will benefit your business?
  2. What relevant project metrics should I focus on?
  3. What business relationships and market trends do I need to observe?

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