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How You Can Improve Team Communication on Issue Logging

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Every project will face various obstructions until it achieves its goals. The issues are often addressed with sensibility, adequate teamwork, and technical help. However, once the team moves past the problem, they often forget what they learned and struggle the next time such issues arise. An issue log is one of the most underrated project aids that can help you detect a problem and find a solution in its early stages. In his article, Roland Wanner shares how you can improve team communication on issue logging and how it will subsequently benefit your project.

How Project Risks Differ from Issues

Many project professionals do not understand the distinction between risks and issues. Wanner states that a risk is an uncertain event that has a certain probability to occur. Once that event occurs, it becomes an issue. Issues are not uncertain. They are real and directly impact your projects. They need immediate attention and resolution.

Tips to Resolve Issues

It is better to identify issues at their nascent stages before they affect your project. An issue log plays an essential role in recognizing the impact and solution of issues. Many project managers struggle to improve team communication and management. An issue log can significantly enhance your team’s productivity.

How to Improve Team Communication Around an Issue Log

Wanner mentions that openness and transparency can be of great help to a team. It allows every member to be on the same page regarding project progress. An issue log provides an analytical approach that enables every staff member to make informed decisions with absolute transparency.

How to Introduce an Issue Log and Improve Team Communication

Implementing an issue log in your project is easy. When you face a problem in your project, you make a note of it. Take note of its intensity, the circumstances responsible for it, and how you wish to resolve it. Ensure the information is accessible to your entire team so they can learn from their mistakes and prevent those errors from occurring in the future.

Tips to Create an Issue Log

You can create an issue log in Excel or a SharePoint list. Here is a list of details that you should include:

  1. ID
  2. Title
  3. Description of the issue
  4. Action taken
  5. Action due
  6. Implementation update
  7. Issue status
  8. Issue owner
  9. Area of the issue
  10. The intensity of the issue
  11. Name of the team member that raised the issue
  12. Closing date of the issue
  13. Last updated date

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