Nick Fewings

Nick Fewings, MD of Ngagementworks, calls himself a Teamworkologist, a person who studies the dynamics of teamwork. He has devoted his working career to understanding how to achieve high-performance teamwork and sharing his knowledge and experience with others, to help them feel valued and appreciated for being part of an effective team. He has profiled thousands of individuals and worked with hundreds of teams around the world. Nick is the creator of Team DyNAmics, a model that measures overall team effectiveness, in addition to effectiveness across 16 areas, that he has identified as being important to achieving effective teamwork. He is also a highly regarded, award-winning keynote conference speaker. To date, Nick has spoken at over 500 conferences worldwide and delivered a number of webinars for the GreatITPro. Nick’s most recent project has been writing a book, sharing his 30+ years’ experience and knowledge of teamwork. Published in March 2022, 'Team Lead Succeed' has already become an Amazon best seller with a 96% 5-star rating on Amazon and been accepted into the Business Book Awards 2023. Learn more at
Strategic Alignment

Do ALL Your Team Understand Your Team’s Purpose?

4 out of 10 team members state that they do not have an understanding of what their team exists to…

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